DirectMart helps you in developing an entire Marketing Plan and then in implementing it. The various services that DirectMart offers its clients are :

Sales Enquiries / Lead Generation
DirectMart excels in generating high quality leads and has been doing so for the past few years. The leads come from the decision-makers themselves. The entire process ensures that the decision-maker knows all about the product or service and has understood the benefits and now wants to discuss the finer details and price. The process is slow but sure – and has tremendous benefits:

  • The prospect is pre-sold
  • The prospect now knows all about the product and its advantages when he makes the enquiry
  • The communication is structured – important points are not missed out – which could happen in a face to face    communication
  • In some cases the prospect is not aware that he has a need. The Lead Generation process makes him aware of this need    and results in an enquiry.
  • Sometimes the need is not a priority. The communication we send out brings it to a point where he puts it higher on priority.

    The conversion rate of the enquiries we generate is quite high – often unexpected – provided the salesperson has met his obligations of fixing up the appointments quickly, meeting the client and sending out follow up communication as suggested by DirectMart. In order to help the salesperson do this – DirectMart offers services in the area of Sales Staff automation.

    Sales-staff Automation
    DirectMart uses a leading CRM and Salesforce automation tool to help monitor and track your sales-person’s activities. Leads generated are put into the system and sales-people can then follow up on these leads, set reminders and even send out email to the enquiries before and after the meeting. Their supervisors / boss get to see the sales-person’s activities. DirectMart helps set up the system and administer it and help generate necessary reports for you. The entire service is offered on a per salesperson basis. You may choose to add more salespeople to the system as and when needed.

    Digital Marketing
    DirectMart with its vast experience in Direct Marketing and Lead Generation uses Digital as a powerful enabling medium to create awareness, build engagement and generate leads. This is done through a mix of tools such as e-Mailers, Landing Pages, Blogs, Social Media, Google Adwords and various Analytics tools.

    DirectMart helps create high impact presentations that capture what you want to convey or what needs to be conveyed, effectively. This could be a product presentation, a strategy presentation, a Marketing Plan presentation or even a review presentation. DirectMart has helped organisations create presentations for VCs, Alliance Partners, internal teams, and clients. These include :

  • Sales Presentations
  • Strategy Presentations
  • Review Presentations
  • Concept Presentations etc.
    DirectMart’s focuses on creating hard-working presentations with strong content. DirectMart has the ability to understand your problem or the issue on hand, very quickly – and then translating your requirements into a hard-working presentation that requires minimal or no changes at all!

    Marketing Plans

    DirectMart works with you and your team to create a Marketing Plan. It also helps conduct Marketing strategy meets for your organisation. Having created a road map for your organisation, DirectMart then helps in showing you ways to implement this, with the help of internal and external resources. DirectMart suggests activation strategies that yield high results.

    Design & Copy Services
    DirectMart has the best and most appropriate resources to help you create (design and write)

  • Brochures
  • Sales Letters
  • Product Literature
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Content etc.

    Relationship Building
    DirectMart has over the past several years evangelised the cause of building relationships with your customers or prospects (lead nurturing). The world, in spite of its size, is small – and the individual prospect or customer is important for your organisation – in his present or future role. The cost of maintaining a relationship with a prospect or customer is far lower than generating an enquiry from one who you have not kept a relationship with.

    And the results are much more significant and are achieved in a much shorter time; DirectMart excels in this area and use various means to help you do just that! Build a strong and lasting relationship with your prospect or customer at an affordable cost! This is what we call womb to tomb customer relationship management. This involves Womb To Tomb Customer Relationship Management.