SME Services

Start Small – Think Big
There are millions of SMEs (including start-ups) in India. Many of them have a dream to create great organisations. They often start with a product or an idea and fit their knowledge, skills and their hard work (read blood, sweat and tears) into this venture. They are most often successful – as far as earnings are concerned.
However, there are several questions that we would pose to the SMEs
  • Are you happy having done what you have done or do you want something more?
  • Do you have the potential to do more – and if yes – why haven’t you done it as yet?
  • You have created wealth – but are you visible / known to the world?

And so on. DirectMart has not just raised such questions but helped the SME find answers to these. It has done this through various means – workshops, presentations, brainstorming sessions, documents, training programmes, and often one-on-one sessions with the business owner. The response has been heartening. The people behind DirectMart, wth their decades of experience in MNCs have embarked on a mission to bring these learnings to business owners. And over the years, having understood the nuances of the SMEs, it has refined its entire approach and offering, to give you, the SME, a cutting edge that will get you noticed by the world and make you more profitable. Contact Anita at 022 42369791 to fix up a no-obligations meeting, or write to her at today!

DirectMart has been offering its services (Strategy | Marketing | Training) to various SMEs for the past 15 years and is now proud to announce the launch of its initiative – businessmen’s forum – – a forum for SMEs to learn, seek, receive and commune.