From where you are, to where you want to / should be – DirectMart shows you the way.


DirectMart takes a holistic view of your business, the industry you are in, the environment you are operating in, and the constraints that you are operating in. It also looks at your customers, their psyche and their motivations to buy your product/service. DirectMart then facilitates a strategy workshop for you and your senior team members – to arrive at a broad direction for the organisation. This workshop often opens up new avenues, new possibilities and a new way of looking at the business. All this gets translated into actionable next steps for the various departments and team members.

In short, DirectMart helps you


  • Look at your business in a new light
  • It helps you articulate things that were bothering you but were left unsaid
  • It helps you look at your blind-spots
  • It helps you create a service vision for your entire organisation
  • It helps you understand the various forces that are acting on your business and therefore the possible ways to counter    them
  • It shows you what you can achieve with your given resources or the optimal resources you need to achieve something.

  • Services on offer
  • Developing a strategy presentation
  • Creating a strategy document
  • Facilitating a strategy workshop
  • Conducting a Service Vision workshop
  • Helping map your processes to identify gaps
  • Helping create the CEO dashboard tailored for your    organisation
  • Recommending pre-approved vendors (and supervising    them) to help you achieve these.

  • DirectMart brings a wonderful mix of the knowledge of large organisations and the learnings from its experience with SMEs, to make these recommendations simple to understand and follow.